Client: Portland Bureau of Transportation Industry: Government Our Services: Market Research


The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), Portland, Oregon’s chief transportation agency responsible for maintaining and improving the fast-growing city’s transportation infrastructure, turned to Bloom Communications for market research that would inform future-facing, long-term communications and messaging strategies. Bloom Communications was tasked with gauging public attitudes towards the work of PBOT, getting a sense of the public’s top transportation priorities, determining how current campaign messages were being received, and understanding the level of public comprehension in regards to what the organization is/does.


Bloom created a strategic research approach that utilized an iterative methodology, meaning that insights gathered from each phase of research informed subsequent phases. Implementing both qualitative and quantitative methods, research included internal one-on-one stakeholder interviews, a city-wide poll distributed to 1,000 Portland residents, and focus groups.


Research data and insights in hand, Bloom provided strategic messaging, transportation priority, and communications channel recommendations that, in the words of PBOT’s Director of Communications and Public Involvement, “fundamentally changed” how the organization’s communications strategies are designed and implemented.