Rebranding a Neighborhood Dental Practice

Taking a Brand from a Singular Name to an Inclusive Corporate Entity

Dr. Rodgers Dental approached Bloom Communications to rebrand its successful 20-year dental practice. Dr. Rodgers’ desire was to ensure that the brand would resonate with the community and allow it to include additional dental associates to be added to the practice. The goal was to rename the business to continue a feeling of trust in the community, retain business with current clients, increase awareness for new patients, and increase bookings for new associates.   

The rebranding work included research, naming, logo development, brand guide creation, new messaging and design elements, and a new website. 

Challenge – Leading the Practice Into the Future

The client faced the challenge of two decades’ worth of brand equity invested into the Dr. Rodgers Dental name and needed to develop a new brand to lead the practice into the future, no matter which associates were leading the charge.

Near-Term Objectives Included:

  • Introducing Dr. Rodgers’ new dental associate, Dr. Hughes, to the community
  • Increasing brand awareness and presence in key geographic areas 
  • Filling Dr. Hughes’ patient roster

Long-Term Objectives Included:

  • Increasing patient volume and profitability of the dental side of the practice

Analysis – Drilling Down to the Root of the Community

The first step in the rebranding process included local market and dental practice associate research. The goal of this exercise was to gather awareness of how consumers were currently learning about the practice and its offerings.

We wanted to understand how the practice was perceived and explore names that would resonate with the close-knit community. This process also included a competitive analysis to gain an understanding of the other practices in the market, particularly those in close proximity to the location. Key audience motivations were revealed, including:

  • A dental partner that gives them peace of mind that they are in good hands
  • The local, personalized touch, and desire to trust their dentist 
  • An easy, low-stress dental experience
  • To feel listened to as a person and not just a number
  • A practice in close proximity to the home/workplace
  • Transparency in billing and communications

Results allowed us to craft new brand messaging focusing on core principles

  • Community-focused
  • Wholehearted attention
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Expert dental care
  • Established and trusted

Insight – Building a Brand with Community Ties

Armed with these pillars, Bloom began practice name development and logo creation along with extensive brand guidelines outlining logo usages, colors, fonts, photography, tone, and style.

The new name chosen, Ashford Pointe Dental, gave a nod to the Ashford Pointe community in close proximity to the dental practice, creating connection, trust, and familiarity for local patients.


With a defined visual brand and messaging, Bloom was poised to define a communications strategy that outlined activities to introduce the new brand, boost brand awareness, and lead generation to the dental practice. Community involvement and social media were paramount to re-introducing the local practice to the Dunwoody community. Efforts with the local serving center, coupled with organic social media content development were the leading outreach tactics to existing and potential patients. 

Bloom launched the new brand into the community by designing and developing a new Ashford Pointe Dental website! The website was a labor of love—stemming from an audit of the previous site and digging into the most visited pages. We restructured the website architecture to maximize the user experience and ensure all relevant information was easily accessible. Coupled with a custom photoshoot, the look and feel of the website was designed to showcase the new brand, while maintaining the authenticity of the legacy practice.


The launch of the new name, visual identity, and website was deemed by the client a roaring success and sparked new life into the practice! Dr. Hughes’s appointment schedule was filled (priority #1) and the website traffic increased.  

“Working with Bloom Communications is seamless—I don’t have to worry about anything falling through the cracks—the team is proactive, responsive, and always one step ahead. I appreciate their honesty when approaching any challenges and that they come to us with a solution before we even have to ask. From launching our new brand to ongoing Google and Meta ads management, the team is solid and the results are helping sustain and grow our business during difficult economic times.”

Cathy Daly | Office Manager | Ashford Pointe Dental

Launching a New Brand Ashford Pointe Dental
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