Marketing Partner Program

Struggling and overwhelmed with the marketing maze? Our strategic marketing expertise and guidance provides critical support to your team and helps you maximize your nonprofit’s growth and impact.

Are You Ready?

Director-Level Marketing Expertise for Nonprofits

Imagine the strategic prowess of a seasoned marketing professional seamlessly integrated into your organization at a level that meets your needs and budget. 

Our Marketing Partner Program transcends the traditional agency model and works as a catalyst for transformative growth for your nonprofit. From overseeing strategy development to guiding execution activities, collaboration is at the core of our approach. We function as a bridge that bolsters and supports your existing team—ensuring marketing efforts are aligned with and driving progress toward your organization’s goals.

We Can Help:

  • Guide and inform marketing strategy development
  • Oversee marketing campaign execution and performance
  • Support the development of junior-level team members
  • Amplify senior-level team members’ impact
  • Provide an outside, expert perspective
  • Facilitate creative brainstorming and ideation

Frequently Asked Questions


What activities does the Marketing Partner Program include?

The Marketing Partner program begins with an initial assessment of your organization’s marketing strategy and activities. From there, we’ll facilitate monthly strategy meetings, weekly planning and progress calls, deliverable reviews, and ongoing oversight and strategic support. We’ll also work with your team to establish a performance reporting structure to keep key stakeholders informed and to ensure activities are driving impact for your organization.

Why would I engage in Bloom’s Marketing Partner Program instead of hiring a Marketing Director?

If you need director-level guidance but don’t quite have the budget or need to justify a full-time hire, our Marketing Partner Program gives you access to a trusted expert on a part-time basis.
Every organization is unique, but our clients often need help:
• Providing senior-level guidance to junior-level team members
• Supporting small or one-person marketing teams with creative and strategic collaboration
• Providing an outside perspective to those who feel “too close to it” or “on an island”
• Supporting executive leadership with marketing-specific guidance and development for their team

Is there a minimum commitment for the Marketing Partner Program?

A six-month minimum commitment is required to most effectively support your team and drive impact for your organization. We provide a report of our monthly activities and focus areas, as well as a comprehensive quarterly assessment for executive leadership to review progress, opportunities, and informed recommendations.

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