Marketing Communications Assessment

Take the guesswork out of your planning process with an in-depth audit of your marketing strategies and activities. We dive into the heart of your nonprofit, exploring how well you connect with your key audiences—the backbone of advancing your mission.

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Our Marketing Communications Assessment is much more than a simple analysis—we outline insights and custom-tailored recommendations that shine a spotlight on your strengths, highlight gaps that are inhibiting growth, and uncover the roadmap to success.

The insights we uncover are not just eye-openers; they are powerful tools to steer your budget planning process, spark enlightening Board discussions, and sculpt your communications team structure. This treasure trove empowers you to seamlessly weave these insights into your current and future plans, eliminating the guesswork from your planning process.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Actionable insights for an immediate impact
  • Ideas for new strategies, channels, and tactics to reach your core audiences and drive growth
  • Outside, expert recommendations to improve or resolve current marketing challenges
  • The ability to move forward with confidence in what’s working and pivot quickly away from what’s not 
  • A framework—as well as clarity and confidence—to support budget requests for Executive and Board approval

During the assessment, we’ll review:

  • Overall brand awareness and perception
  • Your nonprofit’s digital presence 
  • Acquisition and nurturing strategies for your core audiences
  • Marketing budget allocations 
  • Marketing processes and tools  
  • Marketing team structure 

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the assessment process look like? 

Our assessment process begins with discussions with key team members to understand your goals, marketing, and outreach activities, challenges, opportunities, and more. We’ll then review your current marketing strategy and plan, audience profiles, current and past marketing activities and performance metrics, and external brand presence and perception indicators. Finally, we’ll synthesize all of these inputs into a comprehensive report of key insights, recommendations, and budget considerations that we’ll walk through and discuss with you and your team. 

How does the assessment help us with our planning process?

Upon culmination of the assessment, you will receive a bespoke report with key insights, high-level channel and tactical recommendations, and associated budget considerations that will provide you with the framework and rationale you need to support your planning. 

Can the assessment help solve my nonprofit’s unique challenges? 

Yes. Every nonprofit we support is unique—with its own challenges and opportunities. We customize our approach to the assessment based on your organization’s stage of growth, current challenges and goals, and specific focus areas or strategic plans. 

How long does the assessment take? 

Most assessments take 4-8 weeks to complete. The exact timeline depends on your organization’s size, the breadth of communications assets and core audience segments that we’ll be reviewing, plus the number of discovery sessions we’ll want to complete as part of the process. 

How much is an assessment?

Our pricing is set to scale based on the size and unique needs of each nonprofit. This means that every organization–no matter the size–can benefit from the valuable insights and actionable recommendations outlined in a marketing communications assessment.

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