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Reputation Management: Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Goodwill Central Texas

Reputation Management is the ongoing monitoring, sourcing of, and responding to customer feedback across an organization’s digital presence to safeguard and cultivate brand perception and reputation. Goodwill Central Texas partnered with Bloom to oversee and impact the daily management of its online presence and overall reputation across multiple digital platforms. Main activities, included:

  • Monitoring Goodwill’s digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and Google My Business profiles) for reviews, tags, comments, and incoming direct messages
  • Responding to Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook reviews posted to organizational and retail profiles 
  • Crafting proactive responses to comments and tags on all profiles
  • Interacting with and responding to comments on social media posts
  • Engaging further by liking positive comments, and responding to and managing negative comments as appropriate
  • Flagging comments, reviews, and direct messages, as appropriate, for internal stakeholder knowledge, review, and guidance
  • Providing ongoing reporting to the client to access the cadence of reviews, sentiment, and need for a response

Challenge – Monitoring Across Multiple Stores on Various channels

Monitoring reviews and comments for over twenty retail locations, and proactively engaging with audiences across multiple platforms, posed a challenge for the Goodwill Central Texas organization. Bloom set out to establish consistency, proactively collect and communicate opportunities for potential customer experience improvements, and support the desire to build engagement and community with the organization’s audiences.  


After an initial review of Goodwill Central Texas’s online presence, Bloom crafted detailed response protocols and guidelines, drafted a bank of responses for common feedback themes, and implemented a tracking and escalations protocol to ensure effective communication with key internal stakeholders.  


In addition to supporting effective and timely responses to customers, Bloom identified key feedback trends to help inform potential operational improvements and needs, as well as recognition opportunities for outstanding employees. This effort has also resulted in a stronger online engagement and community that further supports Goodwill’s mission, vision, and values.

“With nearly 40 locations in Central Texas, we needed support monitoring our digital presence, especially on platforms that provide our clients and customers the opportunity to leave reviews about their experiences. Bloom jumped right in to audit our existing footprint and provided tremendous support at a critical time for our internal team. We had great peace of mind knowing our customers were getting timely and thoughtful responses, and that we could count on Bloom to communicate key trends or feedback that might improve our internal and retail operations.”

Dawn Davidson | Director of Marketing | Goodwill Central Texas
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