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Taking Platinum Parking’s Communications from “Park” to “Drive”

Challenge – Time to Toot the Platinum Parking Horn

Platinum Parking, like many organizations, was challenged to put forward stories about themselves in a proactive and consistent way. It was time that they began to showcase to their internal teams, prospects, and clients all of the various aspects of the business that make them unique and a valuable employer and partner.  The company has a solid reputation and has achieved 20-25% growth year-over-year through referrals, inbound leads, and acquisitions, but it has never proactively marketed itself well nor with consistency.  

The executive team approached  Bloom Communications to help identify and feature top company accomplishments to uplevel its brand presence, craft and execute communications strategies and ensure consistency in “tooting their own horn,” so to speak. The end goal was for the company to be viewed as part of the fabric of the communities they’re in, showcase their current team members, demonstrate their supportive culture for recruiting efforts, feature client successes, and attract new clients

Analysis – Standing Out in a Crowd

The first step was to determine their unique attributes and what would make them stand out from other similar organizations. We researched Platinum Parking’s closest competitors to identify and craft their unique selling proposition leading the way to revised brand positioning and key messaging to align with their core values and the treasured SHARP mantra:

  • S -Be the Solution
  • H – Be Humble
  • A – Be Authentic
  • R – Be Responsible
  • P – Be Proud

Insight – People Are Our Superpower

The revised positioning & messaging focused on Platinum’s most important differentiator—people. Bloom was now ready to tackle a comprehensive integrated communications plan centered around the organization’s values and most valuable resources. Bloom designed a plan to:

  • Keep Platinum top of mind in Texas (60-90% of revenue)
  • Support Platinum’s acquisition strategies
  • Support increased market penetration in newer markets, including Platinum’s West Coast presence, Cleveland, and Miami
  • Support recruiting efforts
  • Communicate that Platinum is part of the fabric of the communities they serve

Strategy – Driving Traffic to Platinum Parking

The comprehensive integrated strategy and plan laid out campaign themes, timing and frequency of intended communications, thought starters for content development, channel identification, recommendations for paid media elements, cause marketing opportunities, and an editorial calendar.

This approach was meant to clearly communicate the intentions of Platinum Parking to their target audiences throughout Texas and in newly established markets. Target audiences included: 

  • Current employees 
  • Potential employees 
  • Current clients 
  • Potential new clients 

Distribution vehicles included:

  • Earned media such as editorials and bylined articles through targeted media relations
  • Print collateral (i.e., market-specific fact sheets)
  • Digital media – email, newsletters
  • Social media – organic posts on owned and employee pages
  • Website updates and SEO strategies
  • Cause marketing and community engagement recommendations

Results – A Parade of  Success!

Our efforts increased social referral traffic to the website by 59% and brand awareness overall. 

The consistency led to a 13% audience growth on Instagram and 33% on LinkedIn in a few months with a 31% open rate (~21% industry standard), well above the industry average. The website was updated visually with fresh photos that featured employees that helped to show Platinum Parking’s personality. New content and fresh photography paired with navigation updates allowed the website to highlight Platinum’s employees and robust service offerings. Bloom secured coverage in both industry publications and local business journals, furthering the client’s goal to get out in front of the communities they serve more frequently. 

A sampling of top coverage:

Platinum Parking’s elevated profile and consistent social media presence were used as a recruiting tool to fill much-needed positions across the company.

“Looking to uplevel our brand presence online, Bloom has delivered! In 2022, our Instagram and LinkedIn followers increased by 31% (the goal was 15%). We established a LinkedIn presence with consistent messaging for the corporate platform but also for key company stakeholders, positioning them as active thought leaders in the space. Establishing consistency across both channels helps to achieve the goal of broadening awareness of Platinum Parking. Beyond that, the engagement from team members, industry stakeholders, and potential clients has been amazing. We cannot wait to see how our digital footprint continues to grow and evolve.”

Matt Adey | President | Platinum Parking

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