Ad Grant Edge Program

Amplify your nonprofit’s online visibility, capture highly relevant audiences, and advance your nonprofit’s mission and impact with search engine advertising. With the Google Ad Grant, nonprofits get access to thousands of $$ in advertising grants.

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Leverage Google Ad Grants to Boost Impact

Our Ad Grant Edge Program harnesses the power of search marketing on Google to advance your nonprofit’s mission and impact by helping you unlock thousands of dollars in free advertising credits.

Regardless of your goals—whether promoting programs and services, driving event attendance, recruiting volunteers, or increasing community awareness—our Ad Grant Edge program gets you in front of the right audiences and drives them to action. 

We assist you through the whole process—from grant application to campaign development, ongoing optimization, and monthly reporting—ensuring you’re getting maximum results. 

What We’ll Do:

  • Walk you through the application/onboarding process
  • Create a comprehensive ads strategy
  • Develop campaign structure, ad groups, and ad copy
  • Implement conversion tracking for performance measurement
  • Oversee and optimize campaign execution 
  • Report on performance and track conversions

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Ad Grant Edge process look like?

Our Ad Grant Edge program is a done-for-you solution to help your nonprofit maximize available ad grant funding through Google. We take you step-by-step through the process of applying for and securing the grants. From there, we’ll take the reins to build the campaign strategy, structure, ads, and conversion tracking to launch a successful campaign. We perform ongoing monitoring and optimization, and deliver monthly performance reports to ensure you understand the success and impact the campaigns are delivering.

What are the eligibility requirements for Google Ad Grants?

• Your organization must be filed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and cannot be a government agency, hospital, or school.
• Your nonprofit’s website must be hosted on its own unique domain and can’t function as a subdomain of a larger organization’s website.
• Your nonprofit’s website must have an SSL certificate, which ensures website security.
• Your organization must agree to the Google Ads & Google for Nonprofits terms of service.

What happens if we had the Google Ad Grant but abandoned them? Are we still eligible?

We commonly support organizations that have utilized the Google Ad Grant in the past but have let their grants go dormant. We will walk you through the process to reactivate your grant and help you build successful search campaigns that drive your nonprofit’s goals. 

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