Client: Boy Scouts of America Capitol Area Council Our Services: Research-Based Consulting


The Boy Scouts of America Capitol Area Council (BSACAC) set out to develop a five year plan to reverse the trend in declining crossover rates from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. Through participation in the BSACAC strategic planning marketing task force, Bloom identified that constituents experienced communications challenges working within the BSACAC organization which negatively impacted their Cub Scout experience – and ultimately, their retention and crossover rate. Therefore, our primary objective in helping to develop a five year marketing plan was to discover which specific factors were most impactful in influencing the constituent experience, in order to find and implement solutions.


Bloom designed a research approach and protocol to uncover issues that could be impacting Cub Scout retention and crossover rates. Research methods included analysis of existing unit crossover rates, executive and key volunteer leadership interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one phone interviews. Research phases were iterative, using insights from each phase to influence subsequent methodology and research questions.


Our research confirmed our hypotheses, revealed new and actionable insights, and enabled us to put together a strategic plan grounded in data. In each phase of research, we documented gaps between Cub Scout parent and child expectations and experience, from which we outlined requirements for Cub Scout unit success. The resulting plan led to follow-up projects, leveraging key findings to shape messaging, marketing strategies, and operational opportunities for the nonprofit organization’s internal and external communications.