When Social Media and Social Injustice Collide

February 25, 2021

Social media is like wildfire. The speed at which information spreads through the medium is rather impressive, and you can’t help but stare and be drawn to the flame. And, perhaps, fan the flame. The viral nature of social media makes it the perfect partner for inciting change when it comes to critical issues like social injustice.

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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Crisis Communications

February 22, 2021

Recent events have demonstrated that the worst can and will happen. Whether or not your organization survives depends on how you handle each stage of the crisis. While major corporations may make national headlines with their public relations news, crisis communications is equally essential for small organizations and their PR—perhaps even more so due to the smaller margins involved.

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2021 Communications Trends: Audience Reach & Engagement

February 16, 2021

Earlier this month I shared part one of my communications trends forecast for 2021 and beyond, which focused on the theme of brand positioning. Today, we’re taking a look at trends to reignite how you reach and engage with your target audiences.

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2021 Communications Trends: Brand Positioning

February 3, 2021

Most brands had to shift this past year to meet the needs of their clients, customers, and bottom lines. But 2021 brings something new—an increasing level of expectation for brands to be real and authentic. To put it simply, and whether you like it or not, brands are being held to a higher standard and customers are expecting complete accountability and transparency. Below is the first installment of top trends to pay attention to this year. Stay tuned for part two of my trends forecast on audience research and engagement.

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