5 Reasons Organizations Outsource to Agencies & Consultants

March 25, 2016

When sharing ways in which our agency works with organizations, one of the main questions I’m asked is why organizations hire agencies or consultants in the first place. It’s a valid question for anyone who has never outsourced services. While there is certainly a myriad of answers, based on my experience, here are the main forces that drive our clients to outsource to us. And yes, sometimes an organization will outsource for two or more of these reasons.

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Encouraging Employee Volunteerism

March 9, 2016

There are many ways in which a company can encourage its employees to volunteer. Depending on company culture and potential for flexible working hours, companies can promote community involvement on and off the clock. In addition to supporting the greater good, companies can will experience benefits internally as well. Pressure is increasing to define corporate social responsibility initiatives from prospective employees, partners, and buyers. Defining and exhibiting a clear objective of how your organization can positively affect social issues is not only a key differentiator from your competitors, but it also motivates people to get behind your company to support your efforts.

Bloom Communications encourages devoting time to volunteering during and outside business hours. In just the last month, I have been fortunate to donate my time in three different ways.

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