At Bloom Communications, everything we do is specifically designed to reach our clients’ unique organizational objectives. Once we gain an understanding of objectives and target audiences, we create a plan to meet them in an efficient and cost effective way. Through resources of our own and those of our hand-selected partners, we manage the many facets of client campaigns from planning and implementation to results tracking and optimization.

1Campaign Planning & Budgeting

A purposeful, results-based strategy is at the core of everything we do at our agency. We work with clients to create informed marketing and communications plans designed to meet specific organizational objectives, including budget utilization recommendations.

2Messaging Platform

Because consistency is critical to the success of any campaign, we develop a communications baseline to establish and ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

3Integrated Marketing

We create a unified and seamless experience for audiences to interact with our clients’ brands, melding all aspects of marketing communications including web-based marketing, advertising, offline and direct marketing, and social media. We use a process designed to ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the target audience.

4Content Marketing

Fresh content is key to elevating your brand and marketing your product or service. Our team is poised to support any type of content development your campaign requires from articles and blog posts to social media – all of which are developed with SEO initiatives in mind.

 Additional Managed Services

We bring in and manage the following partner services, as needed, while our clients continue to enjoy Bloom Communications as the main point of contact.

5Graphic Design, Photography & Video Production

Visual content adds a human element to marketing efforts. With the help of our partners, we manage visual projects ranging from corporate headshots to drone video production.

6Media Planning & Buying

Our approach to advertising placement and purchasing begins with a solid strategy based on consumer data. Leveraging our partner’s research tools and vast media buying experience, we take into account many factors to help our clients target the right prospect in the right advertising medium.

7SEO & AdWords

We create the content, and our partners help make sure it’s found online and leveraged in online advertising. Getting visits to your website is only the first step, so we also work to increase website lead conversion.

8Website Design & Development

A website is typically our clients’ primary point of contact with customers and prospects. Through our partners, we custom design (and redesign) websites for impact, brand consistency, ease of use, and conversion.