November 18, 2015  |  Team Bloom

Volunteering: Capital Area Food Bank

Volunteering: Capital Area Food Bank

In the busyness of the work week, it’s hard to find time to give back as an organization and devote productive business hours to volunteer work. But to maintain a sense of purpose outside of the office, it’s important to step back and devote our time to bigger things than business goals.

Recently, Brianna and I volunteered at in the Capital Area Food Bank’s mobile food pantry. There, we handed out food as those in need lined up in the morning waiting to receive their sustenance for the week. From frozen meats to strawberry milk, the food we were happy to share was even more happily received. Welcoming the recipients with a smile and receiving one back was a heartwarming experience, one I want to return to often. The interaction was more personal than exchanging goods. It was an opportunity to connect with our neighbors and offer kindness.

Handing out food wasn’t tiresome or difficult. It only took a few hours of our Thursday morning, but those few hours were profitable, not in a monetary aspect but in life. It’s easy to take our circumstances for granted and get caught up in our daily stressors. It can get monotonous waking up to our regular routine, but knowing that morning we’d be participating in a volunteer effort had an extra special energy to it. Sometimes a recharge is needed, and we find it not through a little extra sleep or TV time but through giving. In today’s increasingly busy life, it’s important to take note of the things going well and be thankful. Shifting our perspective can positively impact your professional and personal life. It takes effort to recognize what we should be thankful for, and it doesn’t always need to fall around Thanksgiving season.

At Bloom Communications, we all have something in common. We take pride in our jobs. We feel good about what we do and how we impact our community through utilizing our resources and talents for the success of our clients. We’re also fortunate to find time to do activities like handing out food, but because missions like that are the center of the business model, it takes precedence. In addition to handing out food, we shared smiles.

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