May 5, 2015  |  Team Bloom

The Latest Feature from Pinterest for Business: Promoted Pins

Pinterest has incorporated a new tool to enable businesses to target and reach their audience more effectively. Promoted pins is the newest feature that allows you to choose your target audience for a particular pin, ensure the right people are seeing it at the right time, while driving traffic to your site or ecommerce store.

It’s been proven that interest in a product or service increasingly comes from browsing Pinterest. Used a discovery tool, people search for items they are interested in and a lot of times a pin or Pinterest page will help funnel the customer through the buying process.

So if your business has a Pinterest account, you might want to consider promoted pins to help you reach your target audience while driving more traffic to your website.

This new tool operates on a CPC basis, or cost per click, meaning you only pay for the pin once it’s been clicked on by a Pinterest user. This is great because if you choose to promote a pin and it doesn’t perform well, you won’t be wasting your marketing dollars.

In addition, Pinterest does not count repins as clicks, which is also great since much of Pinterest user’s activity is repinning items.

The tool allows you to track the progress of your pin and how it’s performing with your desired audience. If you’re not satisfied with the metrics, Pinterest allows you to alter your promoted pins with the click of a button.

Your promoted pin will show up in searches and category feeds based on who you choose as your target market, and there’s no minimum budget requirement. The budget is based off of how you choose your audience and can be as small or as large as you need.

The promoted pin feature is still in the BETA phase, meaning that it’s still being tested and only select businesses have access to the tool. Soon, Promoted pins will be out of the BETA phase and all business accounts will be able to advertise with Pinterest.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your promoted pin. Since the pins don’t expire, Pinterest requires that you do not include a price on your pin, or use more than one hashtag in the description. Pinterest also recommends that businesses use at least 30 keywords while making sure that these keywords are not too generic, while still being relevant to the brand, product, or service. Track your CPC and impressions frequently and remember that by increasing your bid, or daily spend, you’ll likely get more impressions and exposure. Also keep in mind that GIFs, videos, pins on secret boards, and pins you do not have rights to, are currently not be eligible for promoting.


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