December 14, 2018  |  Team Bloom

Why Does Message Development Matter?

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao!

In any successful relationship, it is essential to speak the same language. Be on the same page. Understand one another. You get it. Most of us would agree this can be challenging at times, so if you’ll indulge me for a moment, think of our role as your marketing communications therapist.

communications, noun – The art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.

For nonprofits and businesses of all sizes, communication is a powerful tool. It drives action and is the way in which you capture, engage and retain your audience. The kicker? Communication can’t always be controlled… but your message can.

The Importance of Message Development in Marketing

There are a multitude of others competing for attention, and with today’s advances in technology and advertising it’s more difficult than ever to cut through the clutter. If your message is convoluted, you’ve lost. Even if that message is delivered by a website covered with photos of cute furry puppies. Unless you are the American Kennel Club. (hey, call us!)

As an admitted word nerd, one of my favorite ways we help clients is through message development.

Your message is the common language you speak with your audience. Message development forms the foundation for all marketing and communications efforts, is a cornerstone of your brand, and is one of the most important elements of an integrated communications strategy.

 Consider this: your message is your first impression – and first impressions really do matter. A multitude of research exists to support this theory, entire industries are devoted to managing and perfecting it, and science overwhelmingly agrees: people are judgy.

Your message has great power, and with that comes great responsibility (sorry for the cliché). The message you deliver:

  •      Is responsible for accurately representing your organization, mission and values
  •      Is a key component of building and protecting your brand identity
  •      Shapes how people think, see, hear and feel about you
  •      Conveys the all-important Why, How and What your audience needs to know
  •      Cultivates and maintains your relationship with your audience

Creating the Perfect Message

According to The Science of First Impressions, “… one of the best ways to take advantage of a first impression is to give people a reason to trust and value you.” The way to do this is by crafting a message that is:

  •      Focused
  •      Consistent
  •      Relevant
  •      Unique

Messaging is synonymous with effective communication, with the goal of resonating with your audience, clearly conveying your value, and motivating them to take action… sometimes in seconds.

At Bloom, our primary goal is to determine how we add value for our clients, and one benefit is bringing an outside perspective. A strong organization has an internal team with detailed knowledge, which can work against them when trying to simplify or refine a message. By collaborating, we use your knowledge and our collective strengths to deliver a meticulously crafted message.  

Next month, we’ll share with you in detail how to develop a messaging architecture. Here’s a sneak peek:

We know the powerful role messaging plays in your brand identity and integrated communications strategy. But what’s the process of developing the perfect message?

It involves three phases: Discovery, Research, and Analysis and Reporting.

Stay tuned…

If you want to learn more about how we can improve your message or build an effective communications strategy, contact us today.

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