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How to Keep Donors Involved and Motivated

It’s difficult enough to find donors and supporters for your nonprofit. But how do you keep them interested? Acquiring donors that are motivated to contribute regularly to your organization can dramatically improve your mission and the extent to which you carry it out to benefit your community. Here are some ways to motivate your donors and keep them interested in your organization.

Send donors rewarding and interesting information.

Keeping your donors interested begins with providing them with important information and updates about the nonprofit. Send quarterly updates or monthly newsletters letting your donors in on important news related to the organization. Events, awards, and accomplishments should be included to show supporters that their donations are being put to good use. This will keep them interested and can motivate them to continue or increase donations to meet a particular goal. In addition, connecting with sponsors on a regular basis shows that your organization values its supporters and keeping them informed.

Implement a “Recurring Donation” feature on your organization’s website.

Making it easy for your supporters to set up a recurring monthly donation can yield great results for retaining donors and meeting your fundraising goals. By including an option on your website for donors to make their one-time donation a recurring gift you can better predict monthly donations and revenue. Implementing this feature will also increase the likelihood that your donors will continue to support your organization long-term.

Include “Social Proof” on your website and social media.

Showing donors and prospective donors the progress of your fundraising campaign can motivate donors and increase both donations and awareness for your organization. Include social proof on your website and social media platforms to give supporters a visual of how far or close the nonprofit is from reaching its monetary goals. Social proof can also help establish credibility for your nonprofit because it displays previous donations, motivating prospective donors to jump on board.

Reward donors with something special.

Showing your appreciation for your donors can turn a one-time donor into a long-term supporter of your organization. Send a small gift or card expressing your gratitude and appreciation for the donor’s monetary support. Doing this is beneficial because it encourages further reciprocation in the form of continued support. If your nonprofit’s budget allows, send a small branded gift such as a t-shirt, reusable bag, or magnet that will serve as advertising for your organization.


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