March 12, 2024  |  Lacey Stryker

Annual Marketing Assessments: Have You Done Yours?

Making sure your nonprofit drives maximum impact requires top-notch marketing strategies. But how do you know if they’re hitting the mark with the marketing efforts you’re currently using? By regularly evaluating how your messages are landing, you’ll uncover what’s working and what needs a tweak. This proactive approach keeps your communications game strong, ensuring your voice stays true to your organization’s goals. Plus, it helps you stay ahead of the curve, adapting to what your audience wants and needs. With these insights in your back pocket, your team can charge ahead confidently, keeping your mission and impact on track no matter what changes come your way.

In short, a little marketing check-up goes a long way in keeping your nonprofit firing on all cylinders. Ready to dive in? Check out how a marketing assessment can supercharge your organization’s goals and operations.

Step Back to Step Forward
As your organization grows and changes, your marketing needs to keep pace—this means it should shift, adapt, and evolve. By taking a step back to dive deep into the channels, strategies, and messages you’re using, you can evaluate whether you’re hitting the mark with your core audiences or need to shift your approach. It’s all about staying laser-focused on aligning your marketing efforts with your goals and taking the time to analyze if and how well they are driving success and impact towards those goals.

Great! So, Who Benefits from a Marketing Assessment?
When you dig into your marketing strategies, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of benefits to support team members and priorities across the organization. From the executive team to the fundraising team, this annual check-up is a game-changer that keeps your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Executive Directors/CEOs:
For executive directors and CEOs, diving into communications isn’t just about sending out the right message—it’s about steering the ship toward success. Assessing your marketing strategies gives you the inside scoop on what’s working and what needs a tuneup through a better understanding of budget planning, having rationale/supporting evidence for asking for budget approvals from the Board, and having supportive evidence that your previously approved marketing budgets have driven results. With this knowledge in hand, you can steer resources where they’re needed most, set smart goals, and keep your organization on course for the long haul.

Development/Fundraising Team:
Storytelling is a superpower for communicating impact, connecting with donors, and building relationships to fund your nonprofit. By looking at how well you’ve integrated storytelling—and the dissemination of those stories—into your development efforts, you will find opportunities to fine-tune your fundraising game, customize appeals for different donor groups, and keep those donors coming back for more.

Board of Directors:
Picture this: by digging into your communication strategies, you’re handing your Board a roadmap to wise spending. When they see how marketing links up with your mission delivery, it’s like seeing the big picture clearly. With that insight, you can put your resources where they count most, hitting those organizational goals and making the biggest impact on your mission.

Team U-N-I-T-Y:
You’ve built a strategy, you’ve executed that strategy, and hopefully, you’ve even reviewed the performance of your efforts. That’s amazing. Keep doing that. But, when was the last time you slowed the engines—even took a full stop to take an objective analysis of if and how your efforts continue to align with your goals? The day-to-day of a nonprofit is go-go-go. By being intentional about taking the time to do a comprehensive review and analysis, you will support your team and your organization in driving impact and finding success—and maybe even in a more direct and efficient manner.   

An annual marketing assessment isn’t just a good idea—it’s a must-have for your nonprofit to stand out in today’s crowded arena. By putting communications front and center, you’re not only boosting your impact but also building stronger relationships and driving your mission forward with focus and determination.

Ready to amplify your impact?
Want an expert perspective on your marketing efforts–what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next? Bloom’s Marketing Communications Assessment provides valuable insights and strategic recommendations to enhance your marketing, stewardship, and communications efforts and ensure they align with your nonprofit’s strategic plan.

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