March 27, 2015  |  Team Bloom

Facebook’s Newest Tool: The Ad Relevance Score

A new feature has been added to Facebook for Business making it easier for you to target your audience with information and offers that interest and motivate them. The Ad Relevance Score feature is a new tool that allows businesses to monitor their ads and ensure they are performing and reaching the desired audience. There are many benefits to this tool that can help your organization gain awareness, revenue, and save money. Find out how to make this feature work for you to make the most out of your advertising investment.

The Ad Relevance Score feature allows a business page to see how their ad is performing based on relevancy. The text, design, and selected target audience of an ad are taken into account by Facebook and the ad is assigned a relevance score of 1 – 10 to help the business owner understand how it’s being interpreted. This score is assigned based on how Facebook anticipates the target audience to react to the ad and if it’s likely viewers will “like” or “share” it. A score of 10 means the ad is very relevant to the audience and expected to perform well. A score of 1 means the ad is not anticipated to be effective at reaching your target. This can be helpful to you and your business for the following reasons:

  • The Ad Relevance Score will show how your audience is expected to respond to your ad which can be important when starting a new campaign.
  • You are able to see when your ad loses it’s effectiveness – a sign that it might be time to update the text, change the design, or offer all together.
  • Test two different ads with similar elements to learn which ad resonates more with your target audience.

Facebook has also created this tool to ensure that users are only being shown quality ads that are relevant to users’ unique interests and behaviors. This means ads are chosen to be shown to Facebook users based on how relevant the ad is to the particular audience. This is huge because it means the more relevant the ad and higher the score, the more frequently the ad will be displayed over less relevant ads from your competitors. If you know a thing or two about Facebook advertising you know that only a small portion of your followers see your ad organically. But by creating a relevant ad that is tailored to your audience you can increase your ad’s performance, making your dollars spent on advertising go further.

Consider these tips to make your next ad as relevant to your audience as possible:

  • Be specific with your targeting. Age, location, interest, and behaviors are a good starting point. You can also implement custom audiences for advanced targeting.
  • Use an appropriate and high quality image for your ad that will interest your followers.
  • Refresh stale ads with new text or images.

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