January 19, 2023  |  Jamie Matusek

A Note from Bloom’s New CEO, Jamie Matusek

It is with great honor and excitement that I step into the role of CEO at Bloom Communications and continue to lead our talented team, partners, and clients.

More than 16 years ago, I walked into a room to learn more about the craft of Public Relations and shook the hand of Bloom’s founder, Brianna McKinney. From there, we forged a partnership in which I served as her client for many years prior to joining Bloom as COO in 2020.  I have been a fan of the agency from the beginning and I feel blessed to lead a mission-minded organization that aligns with my personal values.

Strong Foundation

I have spent more than 26 years in corporate leadership roles focusing on marketing, sales, operations, client relationship management, and culture development. It has taken years of hard work, trials, and successes to prepare me for this leadership role and I am both honored and humbled by this accomplishment.

Leadership is something that I am very passionate about. My goal is to see our team and the clients we serve have the opportunity to fully step into their talents and passions and live the lives they dream about. The focus of my work and role is to make that possible. With that goal comes a need to continue to grow, change, and create new paths.

With this promotion comes the great question, “What is the 5-year vision?”  

In many ways, Bloom will stay the same, meaning our foundational mission, vision, and values will remain intact. But I also want to grow and for growth, change must occur. We can’t remain stagnant. We have to continually evaluate how to improve our culture, our processes, and how we serve our clients. 

Moving forward, I am most excited about looking at unique approaches to impact client businesses through innovative marketing and PR initiatives, as well as continuing to meet and exceed goals and expectations. My focus will remain on the ability to quickly adapt and adjust the agency for ourselves and our clients as new curve balls come our way. One of the strongest traits of a leader is to remain optimistic and outline new approaches for growth in the ever-changing economic landscape. My leadership mindset will focus on possibilities in order to inspire and instill confidence in my team, partners, clients, and prospects.

Advice to Leaders

For those of you in leadership roles, I encourage you to take a step back before charging into 2023. Evaluate what worked well in your organization and for your team last year, what didn’t work so well, and review what should be improved. Ask your team the same questions to gain their thoughts on what goals should be front and center. This opens up your lines of communication and demonstrates to your team that their voice and roles matter and that they can impact the business.

Make sure you take great care of yourself. 2022 was a challenging year for many in different ways. As leaders, we need to be consistent in our health and mindset to make space to innovate and to be fully present to lead our teams. 

My words for this year are: inspire, be present, and build. Think through what yours may be and share them with your team. 

Write the vision and make it plain. Set your goals, communicate them clearly to the team, and show your team how you all win together when the business succeeds. Be transparent and consistent. Most importantly, get to the place where you once again enjoy what you do. That can often serve as the greatest growth strategy. 

I am so very pleased to be at a place in which I wholeheartedly enjoy what I do. I look forward to continuing the mission of Bloom: to inspire and ignite people to action through powerful storytelling—creating healthier and more sustainable communities.  I am excited about continued growth, change, and forging new paths. I appreciate your support as I step into this new role. 

To a great year!

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