March 26, 2014  |  Brianna McKinney

Become an SMB Power User: 10 Facebook Tools Used by the Pros

There’s more to Facebook marketing than just sidebar advertisements and posting to your Page. From encouraging check-ins to promoting events, Facebook offers a wide range of tools that can help your business achieve its social media goals.

These 10 helpful tools are used by Facebook marketers around the world. Add one, two, or all ten to your repertoire of Facebook business tools to enhance your social marketing campaigns and enjoy better results from Facebook.

1. Page Insights

Measure your Page’s results and performance using Page Insights. This helpful tool lets you learn more about the reach your posts have, the actions of your users, and the metrics that determine your Facebook Page’s marketing value.

2. Ad Board

Did you know that you can view Facebook Ads targeted to you? Visit the Ad Board to view sidebar ads and Sponsored Stories that are targeted to you based on variables like your age, gender, location, and Facebook interests.

3. Power Editor

Tired of using Facebook’s standard ad creator? The Power Editor lets you build new campaigns and ads in very little time. You can even create custom user audiences to target in your Facebook Ad campaigns.

4. Conversion Tracking

Facebook has a fantastic conversion tracking tool that makes it easy to learn which of your Ads, Pages, or Posts is driving sales and sign-ups. Create a custom tracking pixel and embed it in your website’s code for hands-off campaign tracking.

5. Shutterstock Images

Facebook recently teamed up with stock photo website Shutterstock to offer users access to millions of high-quality images. When you build a campaign, select Stock Images to gain access to the Facebook/Shutterstock library.

6. Pages Manager

Do you need to manage your Page while out and about? Pages Manager is a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to post new content and manage your Facebook Page from anywhere. A must-have for busy social media marketers.

7. Facebook Object Debugger

Posting new content to your Facebook page doesn’t always go smoothly. From URL issues to botched previews, the Facebook Debugger makes it easy to diagnose and fix any issues you run into while linking to external content on Facebook.

8. Promoted Posts

When you post content to your Facebook Page, it doesn’t always reach all of your audience naturally. Promoted Posts let you pay to extend your reach and increase the amount of attention your posts generate.

9. Ad Create Tool

If you’re running a small campaign, Facebook’s Bulk Editor is often more than you’ll need. The Ad Create tool lets you build individual ads and campaigns targeted using variables like age, location, gender, and interests.

10. App Center

For users, the App Center is a great place to find new apps. For businesses, it’s one of the best tools on Facebook for reaching a new audience. If your business has its own Facebook App, you can even track its performance using the Insights feature.

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