January 3, 2014  |  Brianna McKinney

5 Year-End To Dos for Nonprofits & Foundations

Happy New Year, everyone! 2014 is going to be an amazing year! Before you dive in, though, it’s time to check off some potential loose ends from 2013.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mollie Cullinane of Cullinane Law Group, which serves nonprofits and social enterprises (love!). She shared a year-end to do list for nonprofits and foundations, and her list included an important item I’ve occasionally seen overlooked particularly with long-established, all-volunteer nonprofit entities: the formal annual meeting.

Below is a summary of her to do list and you can view more details for each item on the Cullinane Law Group blog. Do yourself and your organization a favor and take a few moments to look over her list. You may find yourself asking when the last time was that your organization’s leadership reviewed its governing documents!

5 Year-End To Dos for Nonprofits and Foundations

  • Hold an official year-end meeting, per your governing documents (articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc).
  • Prepare and deliver required grant and contract reports.
  • If you haven’t been sending them throughout the year, send official donor thank you letters.
  • File necessary annual state and state tax reports.
  • File IRS tax reports to maintain your organization’s tax-exempt status. You certainly don’t want to lose that!

At Bloom Communications, we thank you so much for all the work your nonprofit organization does for our communities each and every year. Here’s to a year of continued success!

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