Like traditional market research firms, we provide clients with deep insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and motivations. Then, we take it a step further. We gather and utilize target audience and market insights to help clients solve specific organizational challenges.

We also have the ability to conduct research in the Spanish language and all of our staff members are HIPAA certified.

1Research Design & Management

While many of our clients may be faced with similar challenges, organizational objectives and target audiences are unique to each and every business or organization. We design custom research methodologies, question sets, and recruitment profiles that effectively and efficiently produce the data needed to inform strategies and drive forward organizational objectives.

2In-Depth Exploration with Qualitative Research

Qualitative market research provides for in-depth exploration into people’s attitudes and motivations, and the manner and extent to which those attitudes and motivations influence behavior. 

We are proficient in the following qualitative methodologies: focus groups, in-depth interviews, on-site intercepts, usability testing, customer journey mapping, and mystery shopping.

3Data-Informed Insights with Quantitative Research

Through quantitative market research, we are able to understand the frequency of attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of a particular group, and use that information to make informed strategy recommendations that produce results. A few of the quantitative methodologies we employ are online surveys, on-site surveys, regional and national polls, and omnibus surveys.

4Meaningful Conclusions & Actionable Recommendations

By synthesizing the data and insights gathered in our research phases into meaningful conclusions, we outline actionable, evidence-based recommendations to advance organizational objectives, inform shifts in messaging, and/or serve as a foundation for campaign planning.

5Communications Audit & Strategy

Most often with research as a backdrop – and sometimes without – we conduct in-depth audits of our clients’ current communications activities, evaluating for performance, opportunities for improvement, and opportunities for budget optimization.