Developing the Perfect Message – It’s All About Science

February 5, 2019

A well-crafted message resonates with your audience, communicates your value, and motivates people to take action. Personalization has become an expected, not optional, component of any marketing strategy, therefore your message must be relevant and targeted or else your audience will keep on scrolling. So, what is behind the process of developing the perfect message? SCIENCE!

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Giving Back is Good Business

February 16, 2018

Given CSR is becoming essential for business success, it begs the questions: How can we keep social impact strategies from becoming a trend? How do we make those strategies long-term?

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Increasing Your Brand’s Credibility Through Social Proof

June 21, 2017

Social proof – the process by which individuals look to their peers, role models, or other important figures to make decisions about how to act or respond to a situation – is a common human behavior, and a very powerful marketing tool. People tend to trust the opinions and actions of their friends, which is why product endorsements and word-of-mouth marketing are such a critical part of the marketing mix.

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5 Reasons Organizations Outsource to Agencies & Consultants

March 25, 2016

When sharing ways in which our agency works with organizations, one of the main questions I’m asked is why organizations hire agencies or consultants in the first place. It’s a valid question for anyone who has never outsourced services. While there is certainly a myriad of answers, based on my experience, here are the main forces that drive our clients to outsource to us. And yes, sometimes an organization will outsource for two or more of these reasons.

Read on to learn about five main organizational pain points that outsourcing to an agency can solve.

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The Latest Feature from Pinterest for Business: Promoted Pins

May 5, 2015

Pinterest has incorporated a new tool to enable businesses to target and reach their audience more effectively. Promoted pins is the newest feature that allows you to choose your target audience for a particular pin, ensure the right people are seeing it at the right time, while driving traffic to your site or ecommerce store.

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Solved: 5 Donor Problems Nonprofits Face

October 28, 2013

I read a brief article today in The NonProfit Times and it inspired me to write this post. Having worked with many nonprofits, including volunteering my time on the management side, the issue it addressed sounded all too familiar. Nonprofits are so busy carrying out the missions of their organizations that, despite their good intentions, they sometimes ineffectively communicate with a variety of constituents, or fail to do so entirely.

The article addressed issues specific to a nonprofit’s donor audience, citing 5 Donor Problems for Nonprofits from the book “Almost Isn’t Good Enough” by Wayne Elsey, founder and CEO of Soles4Souls. What I find exhilarating is that each of these five issues can be addressed with consistent and relevant communications efforts, enabling nonprofits to do more great work towards positive social change. Outlined below are the five issues and a brief overview of how a few essential marketing and public relations efforts can help nonprofits address them with finesse.

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