When Social Media and Social Injustice Collide

February 25, 2021

Social media is like wildfire. The speed at which information spreads through the medium is rather impressive, and you can’t help but stare and be drawn to the flame. And, perhaps, fan the flame. The viral nature of social media makes it the perfect partner for inciting change when it comes to critical issues like social injustice.

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Voices for Our Future – Season 1

December 15, 2020

Campus Advantage, a global leader in student housing management, is sponsoring season one of Voices for Our Future. Over the next four weeks, you’ll hear from business professionals that are on a mission to create a more socially just world. New episodes go live on Tuesdays, beginning November 24, 2020.

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Tips for Giving Back During COVID-19

December 4, 2020

There’s no doubt about it that giving looks different in 2020, but that doesn’t mean you should pull back on your good deeds — it means you’ll have to channel your inner Ross Geller and P•I•V•O•T! With a little creativity and a lot of heart, you can flourish as this season’s holiday armadillo.

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Bloom Communications Launches New Podcast Highlighting Underrepresented Voices Working for Change

November 19, 2020

We’re excited to share Voices for Our Future – Bloom’s NEW podcast highlighting underrepresented voices working toward a more socially just world. Listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, & Soundcloud.

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Putting Ethics into Action

May 29, 2018

Bloom Communications was honored to recently attend the RecognizeGood Ethics in Business & Community Awards Luncheon, an annual celebration for those who set an example of exemplary ethical practices. As firm believers in the practice of ethical behavior and giving back ourselves, we were thrilled to attend this event, learn from the presenters and award winners, and take home several conversation-starting ideas.

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Giving Back is Good Business

February 16, 2018

Given CSR is becoming essential for business success, it begs the questions: How can we keep social impact strategies from becoming a trend? How do we make those strategies long-term?

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Introducing Corporate Social Responsibility Into Your Company Culture

October 25, 2016

Corporate giving and impact consciousness have verifiable benefits for both your community and the organizational culture of your business. Today’s consumer and employee are more aware than ever of the brands they buy or represent, and the social impact that brand is making in the world. If you haven’t already, consider incorporating a social responsibility initiative into your business to set yourself apart.

Read on to learn just how simple it is.

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Encouraging Employee Volunteerism

March 9, 2016

There are many ways in which a company can encourage its employees to volunteer. Depending on company culture and potential for flexible working hours, companies can promote community involvement on and off the clock. In addition to supporting the greater good, companies can will experience benefits internally as well. Pressure is increasing to define corporate social responsibility initiatives from prospective employees, partners, and buyers. Defining and exhibiting a clear objective of how your organization can positively affect social issues is not only a key differentiator from your competitors, but it also motivates people to get behind your company to support your efforts.

Bloom Communications encourages devoting time to volunteering during and outside business hours. In just the last month, I have been fortunate to donate my time in three different ways.

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Volunteering: Capital Area Food Bank

November 18, 2015

In the busyness of the work week, it’s hard to find time to give back as an organization and devote productive business hours to volunteer work. But to maintain a sense of purpose outside of the office, it’s important to step back and devote our time to bigger things than business goals.
Recently, Brianna and I volunteered at in the Capital Area Food Bank’s mobile food pantry. There, we handed out food as those in need lined up in the morning waiting to receive their sustenance for the week.

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Recognizing Philanthropic Businesses

November 18, 2015

The clients of Bloom Communications are inspiring. Maintaining generosity in business and giving back to the Austin community and beyond showcase the values we seek in our clients. It is because of those behaviors that these two clients earned their airtime on KEYE TV’s We Are Austin. Through our work with them and a partnership with Austin Gives, a division of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Evans Dermatology Partners and QuantumDigital got to share the charitable efforts their companies and employees are most passionate about. By donating at least 1% of their profits back to the community and their involvement with Austin Gives, these businesses exemplify a philanthropic business model.

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