Creating Impact through Storytelling

October 19, 2020  |  by bloomcom

Storytelling is an age-old tradition. Stories of our ancestors, key moments, inspiring movements, events, and unforgettable tragedies have impacted our lives and shaped our history. If told correctly, stories can and will change people’s experiences, perceptions, and behaviors, creating life-long impact and affecting change. Keep reading to learn how to find, plan, and write the best stories for your audience.

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The Importance of Brand Differentiation During Times of Uncertainty

September 15, 2020  |  by Leigh Havelick

As businesses and nonprofits struggle to stay afloat or recoup lost revenue, adjust policies and operations, nurture relationships with customers, clients, or donors, and support their employees, brand differentiation has never been more important. 

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Engage Your Audience With Email Marketing

August 27, 2020  |  by Jessica Engs

Whether it’s bi-weekly deals and offers from our favorite clothing brand, a quarterly nonprofit newsletter, or updates from the doctor’s office, email marketing fills our inboxes daily. Email is a low-cost marketing method used to share information and ultimately drive conversions for a business or organization. It’s a great way to stay top-of-mind with customers in between purchases or engagements.

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National Survey Uncovers Top Obstacles Keeping People from Spending Time Outdoors

July 30, 2020  |  by bloomcom

We designed a national survey on behalf of Mibetec U.S. which polled 2,000 U.S. residents and explored key obstacles that prevent people from spending time outside. Additionally, the survey delved into the role social distancing (due to COVID-19) is playing in the time Americans are spending outdoors.

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Bloom Communications Wins Philanthropic Business Award

July 28, 2020  |  by bloomcom

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce announced today 7 winners for the Austin Gives Generous Business Awards which recognize organizations that demonstrate exemplary business philanthropy. Bloom Communications took home the win in the Small Business Category.

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Communicating Through Difficult Times

July 20, 2020  |  by Brianna McKinney

During times of difficulty, whether it be a pandemic, recession, political crisis, or all of the above, keeping your business relevant to your customers, clients, and/or donors requires extreme creativity, transparency, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

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The Importance of Transparency in Crisis Communications

May 26, 2020  |  by Christian Raley

In order to be successful (well, as successful as possible), in a crisis situation, it’s important for PR professionals to take a proactive approach, get ahead of the game, and shape the narrative before it is shaped by the public. In order to do that, a crisis communications plan is absolutely necessary. But not just any plan, one that is proactive and truthful, not reactive and falsely-motivated.

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The Scrolling Generation: What Communications Professionals Should Know About Gen Z

February 27, 2020  |  by Jamie Matusek

Generation Z has emerged impacting marketing, communications, brand loyalty, and purchasing power across the globe. We’re here to help uncover the mysteries to strengthen your public relations and marketing strategies for a new decade. Whether you lead an emerging or established non-profit, a healthcare practice, or are launching the latest in tech, this generation will impact your business.

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Bloom Communications Recognized as Finalist at 2020 Austin Gives Generous Business Awards

February 26, 2020  |  by bloomcom

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce today announced 29 finalists for the annual Austin Gives Generous Business Awards, which recognize businesses who have pledged at least 1% of pre-tax earnings toward the local community.

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Bloom Communications Recognized for CSR and Nonprofit Initiative

February 3, 2020  |  by bloomcom

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 3, 2020) — Bloom Communications, a strategic marketing, public relations, and market research agency serving organizations making an impact in their communities, announced today it has been named a finalist for the PRNEWS CSR & Nonprofit Awards. The awards honor teams that have set new standards of excellence and are leading the way for others to follow. For more than 75 years, PRNEWS has supported the growth of communicators and marketers while serving as a source of the  latest news affecting their industries.

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